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It is the goal of the joint project to develop and implement a reference model for the co-design of software and services. The reference model includes procedures, methods, and tools for the integrated development of software and services products. In order to achieve higher applicable usefulness, the reference model will be realized as a development platform supported by tools. Beside the superior goals of the joint project, the following sub-goals are aimed at:

  • Development of a configurable procedure while recognizing the known classes of procedure models (life cycles, iterative models, prototyping, regenerative and component models).
  • Development of methods and tools for service engineering with the focus on product models, process models, resource models and client interaction models.
  • Development of a maturity model for the co-design of software and services.
  • Combination of the model fragments into a comprehensive reference model and provision of an integrated development platform.
  • Demonstration of feasibility and applicability in business projects and application of the results in practical experience.




The descriped research project ist founded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium ür Bildung und Forschung BMBF) under the grant number 01ISC36B. The authors are responsible for the contents of this website. © ServCASE